Epilfree started in 2006 (16 years ago) by our founder Dr. Yoel Konis (PhD). He was developing a medication for Eczema and noticed on their trial subjects that their hair stopped growing. That's when he had the idea to pursue this new discovery which was the beginning of the creation of Epilfree. Dr. Konis is a well known international pharmaceutical & cosmetic research scientist, an expert in his field for the past 35 years. He launched the Epilfree 1st Generation in 2006. It was called “Next Generation”. Since the launch in 2006, he has changed the Epilfree formulation 4 times. We are currently in the 4th Generation.

One of the things we love about Dr Konis, is that he is a cutting edge scientist, he knows everything that is happening in the natural ingredient world for pharmaceutical & cosmetics. Anytime there is a change or new ingredient that becomes available, that someone is trialling, he gets in on it, constantly innovating Epilfree. We have two brands that have been developed by him, one is Epilfree and the other is The Illuminating Collection.